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The city is currently facing a gun violence crisis that needs to be addressed. Here in the city, we finished the year with 560 murders - surpassing the city’s highest record of 503 in 1990. The safest communities are places where community and police work together to prevent crime from occurring. The best crime prevention efforts are initiated by the community and sustained with the help of the police and other partners of the community. We have to develop plans and solutions that allow for this crisis to be remedied immediately and prevented in the future. And, building trust and collaboration with police and community does not mean we turn a blind eye to police accountability. Contrary to agendas that are pushed on impacted communities, people want to feel safe, they want to be protected and they want representation in their neighborhoods. We can work together in community and fight for police accountability and transparency - it does not have to be one or the other.


james wright, state representative, west philadelphia, pennsylvania, district 188, Philly

In 2018, approximately 40% of Philadelphians spent at least 30% on housing, which means that they are cost-burdened. And, when we break it down by geography, the highest rates of cost-burdened residents are in West Philadelphia, Southwest Philadelphia and North Philadelphia. As areas throughout the district are being developed, it is a must that life-long residents are not priced out of the neighborhoods they call home and have options that are affordable and of quality - this also includes protections for homeowners with rising property taxes. And, not only should we be looking to build affordable housing, we should also be upgrading and repairing public housing buildings to eliminate poor infrastructure conditions.


james wright, state representative, philadelphia pennsylvania, west philly, james wright pa, candidate

In order for communities to truly thrive, we must make sure that we are empowering individuals and giving them the tools they need to success, and obtain economic security. We must be strategic in how we utilize resources, ensuring that community members are empowered and know that their voices are represented when it comes to resource allocation. The priority should be using city and private resources to generate economic growth that benefits the everyday person. This is more than making communities a great place to live, play and work.  It is about building and growing an economy where the people directly benefit. Through business creation, enhancement and expansion, that means: higher, sustained income;  more resources to invest into social programs such as schools, healthcare, and youth recreational services; and more funds to invest in infrastructure, such as road repairs, pedestrian safety and keeping our streets clean from illegal dumping. In order for truly equitable progress, solutions must have the community centered.


james wright, state representative, philadelphia pennsylvania, west philly, philly, james wright pa, district 188

In order for our youth to thrive, we must invest in their future by investing in education. No matter a child’s zip code, they should have access to quality education at every level so that they can excel inside and outside of the classroom. It is important that parents have access to resources and schools that will not only educate our youth, but develop their leadership skills as well. Our children deserve a fighting chance to improve their overall outcomes and I will be a staunch advocate to ensure the system does not fail our children.

james wright, state representative, philadelphia pennsylvania, west philly, district 188, james wright pa, candidate



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