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james wright f state representative, philadelphia pennsylvania

James is ready to fight for the people of the 188th Legislative District, making sure that those voices that have been overlooked are heard. In order to create transformational change and true progress, you have to listen to the people. The people are the roots and foundation of the community. 


James will be a true advocate in Harrisburg and will fight to bring back needed resources to help those who need it most and to drive the district forward for all. As a life-long resident and dedicated community leader, James is what we call “homegrown." He has a proven track record of listening to the people and centering the needs  of the people -  as the people are our greatest asset. 


We need everyday people like you to make sure this campaign is a success. James is the (W)right candidate. One cannot be successful in creating and implementing an agenda if the PEOPLE are not part of that process. He is ready to reclaim our community and be the leader that truly understands the people and will drive change in a collaborative effort. 


James is for the people, the community, and YOU! Join the (W)right movement by donating what you can today! 


Please send all donations to the below address at this time. All checks should be payable to "Friends of James Wright".

PO Box 24042, Philadelphia, PA 19139

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